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Ever Present Calm - Shay Roselip's first full-length release - is cosmic pop for the newest age! It is a pilgrimage through the infinitudes of outer and inner space. Deep, lugubrious bass lines, and emotionally open lyrics, cut a clear path for us to follow these complex tune-ways. Arpeggiating electric guitar riffs, multi-layered woodwinds, and vintage synthesizer cascades open like so many portals around us, begging the exploration of the extra dimensions that hide inside us and in these songs.

Recorded in Bolinas, Big Sur and Inverness, Ever Present Calm is imbued with the etheric power and intoxicating beauty of California's wild coast. This album was performed and composed by Roselip along with producer Jeremy Harris‚ current member of Vetiver, founder of new age music imprint Quest Coast Quarterly, and editor of the Inverness Almanac.

The LP version of this release may be our most aesthetically sublime creation to date. Gloriously letter-pressed thick matte jackets house a snowy white LP with full color center labels. The letter-press emboss of the text and illustration creates a rich texture making handling the record as satisfying as looking at it, and nearly as satisfying as listening to it. Additionally this is a rarified object, presented in a special edition of only 220 hand-numbered copies.

The cassette is similarly marvelous. Our best fidelity tape, replicated in stereo at the highest industry standard (type II, chrome, high bias tapes). And the 100% recycled cardboard boxes that encase these tapes were hand silk-screened. The tapes are limited to 200 copies.



LP: The deluxe first pressing of this release is limited to 220 hand-numbered copies on 140 white vinyl, with gradient ink, letter-pressed jackets (front and back).

CASSETTE: The cassette edition is limited to 200 high fidelity tapes in silk-screened, cardboard tape boxes. Type II, chrome, high bias, stereo tapes, replicated at the highest industry standard.



"The stars shine over Big Sur and the ocean has receded, but the night sky just begins to open up as cosmic waves beg for cosmic riders. With a gentle voice that glides on warm synths, California's Shay Roselip makes music for surfing the spaceways." - NPR

1. Sweet Salutation 2. Sorted World 3. Our Lodge 4. Wielding Swords 5. Walk on
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