Once upon a time Prince, R. Stevie Moore, and Augustus Pablo all touched toenails, after a combined pregnancy of 23 years they gave birth to a fully formed “voodoo baby” named Spencer Owen. Owen is the insanely prolific, home-taping, rhythmystical, master of voice and melodica…with 12 previous albums spreading their seed across innumerable styles of music, “Logic” is the first magic-child of a new (but long overdue) genre: Lo-fi R&B. This pink disc holds heart-rendering slow-jams with just enough reggae, just enough soul, just enough R. Kelly, just enough tape hiss, just enough timeless beauty, to form a new school in expression without inhibition. Can you get to that?.

Limited to 300, on beautiful pink vinyl, gold center labels, and handmade velum sleeves! [this album contains 9 original songs, no actual "remixes," do not be fooled by the titles] Includes an Mp3 download.

{recorded at home on 8-track cassette tape, mastered by John Golden.}



"Not since Steve Winwood's ‘Arc of Diver’ LP, have I heard one man play all the instruments (guitar, bass, drums, key-boards) on his own recordings with such finesse, including tasty blue-eyed soul vocals. Imagine if you will, a blend of 1980's era Thomas Dolby with mid-period Steely Dan with a touch of They Might Be Giants, channeled thru a vintage lo-fi 8-track cassette recorder. Only two words can describe
this unique music & performance art: 'Spencer Owen'." - Pat Thomas, (editor) Ptolemaic Terrascope

"Filled with glistening sweet and highly enjoyable songs, the albums’ strength is its simplicity, the tunes embedding themselves in your cranium so that you can hum the melody for the rest of the day. Opening track “It Work” welcomes us in with open arms, sounding like a Robert Wyatt composition, the simplicity hiding a keen ear, some fine arrangements and excellent melodic skills. On “Water” a gentle reggae lilt adds sunshine to the record, whilst on side two “Sure Thing” tickles all the right senses with sophisticated ease." - Simon Lewis, (editor) Terrascope UK

1. It work 2. Deserve you more 3. Water 4.To you, my 5. Desired Feeling 6. Counted out 7. It work RMX 8. Sure thing 9. Counted out RMX

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