"MADE IT RAIN" by LITTLE WINGS (2nd Edition, LP+Mp3)

This album is a direct transmission from the mind of Kyle Field (A.K.A. Little Wings)... brain waves reflected off a storm cloud and the nearby ocean... song droplets from Kyle and the windy mother. A chill out record of eclectic cover songs, Little Wings classics remixed, a little story telling, and a fully new song to boot. Originally released as a tape for Gnome Life's Echomancy Series, then a limited LP, now an even more deluxe LP.

For this 2nd edition we've stepped up the hand-made packaging big-time. Each jacket was individually hand-painted by Kyle Field. The back of the jackets sport an elegant, gradient letter-pressed design. And the vinyl is just dreamy... various colors were swirled together to make each record entirely unique, some a mixture of opaque and translucent colors. To top it all off this edition is severely limited, only 300 copies total, and we only have 100 to sell!

Recorded (by Fletcher Tucker of Bird By Snow & Yurt) on cassette tape live in The Dream Yurt, high on the cliffs of Big Sur, California, above the Pacific Ocean, one late night in May 2011, in the midst of a gentle but unrelenting rain storm which eventually cut the party short by outing the power. "Made it Rain" is a wild artifact from the wild west.

Co-released in friendship with People In a Position to Know Recordings, visit their website and stroll through the vast corridors of their amazing catalog.

1. Rivers of Babylon 2. Too Many Rivers to Cross 3. Scuby 4. I Thought You Were Singing to Me 5. Later Days 6. Bucked the System 7. Halloween 2020 8. Strange Victory, Strange Defeat 9. The Gambler 10. Human Nature 11. Fun, Fun, Fun
LP is all sold-out, but the cassette is still available
$7.00 Mp3 Download