Gnome Life produces analog musical artifacts in limited, handmade, and deluxe editions. Established in Big Sur, and now based in Ojai, California, our works emanate from lands rich in history, overflowing with power, and ripe with mystery. 

In our current age the transcendent value of art is in a state of advanced erosion, as an endless stream of media wears away and waters down meaning. Gnome Life seeks to supports creators that strike sparks in the darkness, artists that explore and present mystery and the depths of being in an honest way. Though varied in genre, tone and origin, our releases exist within a dynamic, aesthetic ecosystem. Each artist and album inhabits a different niche in a nourishing habitat of mind and spirit. 

We strive to create worthy vessels for our brave artists, hoping each record and tape can become a vehicle for transformation and illumination, as well as a treasured belonging. To capture the organic fullness of the creative moment, all of our releases were originally recorded using analog technology. 

In crafting our artifacts, we attempt to source the highest quality materials, both aesthetically and environmentally. When we cannot make something ourselves, we employ family owned businesses and friendly artisans on the West Coast. Most releases are manufactured entirely in California. 



P.O. Box 1515, Ojai, CA 93024 U.S.A

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Record stores interested in wholesale products please contact one of our distributors. Non-record store type stores can contact us directly.



Gnome Life is artist run so we know that sending out music into the heartless void is a painful process. We know, we really know! We would like to hear your music, meet you, know you. The truth is we already release basically as much music as we are able, spending all of the time and money we have to spare. If you want to share your energies, we are so stoked to receive them. And if you want guidance we ought to be able to help there too. There is also a very slim chance we could work together. 

But our most general advice is: If you have the time, if you have the money... make it yourself, you can do it! Believe in what you do, and do it.

If you want to share some music, we'd prefer a link to a download.


  • GNM-001 Antlers and The Sun and All the Things that Grow Old and Pass Away by Bird By Snow – LP (1st edition, intaglio etched cover)
  • GNM-002 Antlers and The Sun and All the Things that Grow Old and Pass Away  by Bird By Snow – LP (2nd edition, screen-printed cover)
  • GNM-003 Industrial Collapse by Bird By Snow –  7" EP
  • GNM-004 Sky by Bird By Snow – LP/CD (2 pressings)
  • GNM-005 Logic by Spencer Owen –  LP 
  • GNM-006 Eternal by Sean Smith – LP (2 pressings)
  • GNM-007 Sacred Crag Dancer, Corpse Whisperer by Sean Smith – LP
  • GNM-008 Songbread/Another Ocean  by Bird By Snow – LP 
  • GNM-009 Songbread/Another Ocean by Bird By Snow – CD + bonus EP
  • GNM-010 Sean Smith by Sean Smith –  LP
  • GNM-011 Common Wealth by Bird By Snow – LP/CD
  • GNM-012 Okay Human by Mega Bog – Cassette 
  • GNM-013 Native Tongue by Yurt – Cassette 
  • GNM-014 Subtle Body by Bird By Snow – Cassette 
  • GNM-015 Rivers by Wildbirds & Peacedrums – Cassette 
  • GNM-016 Black Grass by Little Wings – Cassette 
  • GNM-017 Made it Rain by Little Wings – Cassette 
  • GNM-018 Triangle & AH by The Range of Light Wilderness – Cassette 
  • GNM-019 Christmas by Sean Smith – Cassette 
  • GNM-020 Eternal by Sean Smith – Cassette 
  • GNM-021 The Measure of Mystery by Daniel Higgs – Cassette 
  • GNM-022 Made it Rain by Little Wings – LP
  • GNM-023 Offering by Bird By Snow – LP
  • GNM-024 Last by Little Wings – Cassette 
  • GNM-025 Spagyric by Mountainhood – Cassette 
  • GNM-026 Visions of the Country by Robbie Basho – LP reissue
  • GNM-027 The Range of Light Wilderness by The Range of Light Wilderness – LP/CD
  • GNM-028 Letters from the Forest of Nisene Marks by Mountainhood – Cassette
  • GNM-029 Art of the Acoustic Steel String Guitar 6 & 12 by Robbie Basho – LP reissue
  • GNM-030 True Prayer by Santiparro – LP/CD
  • GNM-031 Music Today by Fountainsun – LP/Cassette
  • GNM-032 Ever Present Calm by Shay Roselip – LP/Cassette
  • GNM-033 Womb of Light by Fletcher Tucker – 7" EP (forthcoming)
  • GNM-034 Light Green Leaves by Little Wings – LP
  • GNM-035 Ages by Jeremy Harris – Cassette
  • GNM-036 Sweep the Temple by Fountainsun – LP
  • GNM-037 Cold Spring by Fletcher Tucker – LP/Cassette