Fletcher Tucker


Fletcher Tucker creates animistic drone-folk. Mythopoetic sound and song-scapes swelling, echoing, and shimmering amongst redwoods and fog. This is the raw mysticism of the wilderness given tone and voice. Deep connection with place, and atavistic perspectives expressed in the most ancient, human, and natural way... through song.

A self styled generalist, Tucker is a multi-instrumentalist, analog producer, visual artist, poet, essayist, and teacher – leading workshops and courses in re-skilling and re-connecting with wilderness and the depths of our own ancient selves.

Between 2005 and 2012 Tucker released five full length albums and four EPs under the project-name Bird By Snow, mostly on Gnome Life, with a few releases on other labels in Japan and Europe. In 2011 Tucker recorded a one-off improvised jaw harp album (Native Tongue) under the name Yurt. His final Bird By Snow album, Offering, was released in 2012/2013 (US/Japan). Since then Tucker has been recording and performing under his own name. In 2017 Gnome Life released Cold Spring, the first Fletcher Tucker LP, and his finest work to date. Tucker is also the founder and art director of Gnome Life.