"True Prayer" by Santiparro – LP/CD


"True Prayer" by Santiparro – LP/CD

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True Prayer is a truly rare and powerful spiri-musical offering. How many other psychedelic folk albums are the product of seven years of deep shamanic initiation, spiritual pilgrimage, and total immersion in ceremonial living? The answer surely is "very few"... but now there is one at least: this LP, the debut album of New York based Alan Scheurman under the moniker Santiparro.

Santiparro means "the lens that sees many things not usually seen." It is a name that was given to Alan Scheurman in 2010 during a pilgrimage with a Wixatari (Huichol) family to Wirikuta - the sacred desert where Peyote originates.

Scheurman grew up in the Detroit indie music scene and moved to Brooklyn following a spiritual awakening in 2007. There, he contributed to the founding of an intentional community and educational center. Scheurman spent the next seven years centering himself in shamanic rites and initiation making frequent pilgrimages to visit and study with elders in North, Central and South America.

The songs that form True Prayer bubbled up after deep dives into the Spirit World, they were gathered from the outer reaches of our ever expanding collective consciousness. And although sojourns into the shamanic realms are intense in nature, the music collected here does not overpower. True Prayer is accessible and fertile, sincere and extraordinary pop & folk music – sparkling with the light of Wisdom.

The album is blessed with guest contributions from Will Oldham (Bonnie 'Prince' Billy), Kyp Malone (TV On The Radio), Adam Wills (Bear In Heaven), Melati Malay (Young Magic) and Ben Bromley (NewVillager). "True Prayer" is an emergent work, ancient teachings and timeless visions, transmitted through the artistry of a modern man.




SIDE A:  1. Sikuli 2. The New Baktun (feat. Kyp Malone) 3. Total Freedom (feat. Melati Malay & Ben Bromley) 4. In the Golden Room 5. The Universe Strand 

SIDE B:  1. Pray Awake 2. Indio (feat. Ben Bromley) 3. Darkness with Darkness (feat. Melati Malay) 4. Where We're From 5. The Benefit of Confrontation (feat. Will Oldham) 6. Rainbow in the Night


LP: This LP features an original painting of Santiparro (on handmade paper) by the visionary artist Luis Tamani Amasifuen. Amasifuen lives and creates in a remote village deep in the jungles of Peru. He has painted the portraits of many super-natural beings but this is the first time his numinous work has graced the cover of a record... and we are so excited!

Printed on the highest quality recycled reverse-board (deluxe matte) jackets. 140 gram black vinyl mastered by John Golden. Full color center labels. Color lyric insert. High quality Mp3 download. The first pressing is limited to 500 hand-numbered records.

CD: Featuring the same artwork as the LP but in miniature gatefold.


“Pretty heavy stuff... but light and lovely enough not to collapse under the weight of Santiparro's spirituality. With an assist from folk great Will Oldham... Santiparro solutes the value of introspection." – Spin Magazine

"A spiritual journey to understand the true meaning of pure, unbridled liberty of the spirit and being... So relax your mind, open the blinds, enjoy the great outdoors, tune in, turn on, drop out of the world's superficial systems and seek the determination to discover the real worth of life's own inherent, perpetual consciousness." – Impose Magazine