Whether you are a self-releasing artist or an indie label just starting out, producing a record, tape, or CD is time-consuming, confusing and perilous work. From designing the look of your release, to choosing who does the pressing, there are countless pitfalls which may prevent you from creating the beautiful album you’ve been dreaming of. Fortunately, Gnome Life is here to help.

With fifteen years of experience working on over forty exquisitely-crafted analog releases, we here at Gnome Life have acquired hard-earned expertise in the production, design, and art direction of vinyl, cassettes and CDs. We are now delighted to offer you the opportunity to engage Gnome Life to advise, plan, or manage the design and/or production of your next album! We have established relationships with the industry's finest pressing plants, printers, mastering facilities, and recording studios.

Let's talk about your project. Contact us: gnome@gnomeliferecords.com

Below is a full list of ways Gnome Life can help you make something amazing, the first time, with no painful or expensive trial and error...

  • Full service design, including:
    • Art direction
    • Jacket and packaging layout
    • Cover art / center label / insert / booklet / sticker design
    • Colored vinyl / picture disc design
    • Selecting the right printers for your project
    • Artisan touches: letter press / foil stamp / silk screening
    • Overseeing every aspect of packaging production
  • Full service production management, including:
    • Selecting the right vendors for mastering, plating, and pressing
    • Finding the right recording studio for you
    • Overseeing every aspect of vinyl, cassette or CD production


Let's talk about your project. Contact us at: gnome@gnomeliferecords.com