"Presentation" by Spencer Owen Timeshare (distributed LP)


"Presentation" by Spencer Owen Timeshare (distributed LP)


This is a distributed LP, self released by the artist. Black vinyl, excellent pressing quality, LP comes with a digital download card.

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Singer, songwriter, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Spencer Owen has been Gnome Life’s secret weapon since our inception way back in 2005. Spencer has previously contributed (greatly) to the Gnome Life roster as a session player and co-arranger on records by Fletcher Tucker, Bird By Snow & Sean Smith. And in 2008 Gnome Life released Spencer Owen’s origin story LP Logic – a home-recorded soul, lo-fi R&B masterpiece.

For the better part of a decade, Spencer has been performing his songs with a six-piece band called Spencer Owen Timeshare. Presentation, the 2019 release that is their debut album, represents this era. Tracked live in studio as a quartet, then overdubbed upon (vocals, alto saxophone, et al.), Presentation's nine tracks comprise a personal/universal overview of burly, sparkling sophistipop. 

These memories are now trapped in multi-tracked audio, communicating dryly yet joyously from alternating perspectives – between cerebral pursuits (Stereolab, Talking Heads) and soulful sublimity (Prince, Van Morrison).

Played on period 20th century instruments with care.


1. One Night 2. (How It Feels) to Be Late 3. (Biker With) a Deathwish 4. Producer/Citizen 5. Blind Reference 6. Experimental Prototype Song of Tomorrow 7. Counted Out 8. The Outline 9. Sure Thing